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We carry HID kits and bulbs for nearly ALL car makes and models!

Know your bulb size?
H1 H8 HB1 9004 800 894
H3 H9 HB2 9005 801 896
H4 H10 HB3 9006 880 898
H6 H11 HB4 9007 881 899
H7 H13 HB5 9008 893
Bi Xenon HID (Hi/Low):
H4 H13 9004 9007
HB2 9003 9008

4300k, 6000k, 8000k, 10000k, 12000k

We offer the following HID bulb colors: 4300°K, 6000°K, 8000°K, 10000°K, 12000°K. We may also supply some other deep color bulbs at temperatures of over 20000°K upon request. Please, contact us if you you are looking for a specific xenon bulb color that is not available here.

Our Top Selling HID Conversion Kit

The Best HID Conversion Kits - High Quality, Minimum Failure Rate

Wanna have the powerful HID headlights, like the top-class vehicle brands do? You don't have to buy a brand new Audi for that. With our HID conversion products you can have awesome HID xenon headlights in any car as a simple plug-n-play solution. We are #1 supplier of HID light kits, carrying only the best hid kits on the market.

You may notice we have renewed our product line lately. We decided to limit our inventory to the top HID kits of the highest quality with the lowest failure rate. We stand behind our products offering up to 24 months warranty on the premium kits.

Our HID lights start at $79.99 - and this bundle includes 2 ballasts, 2 bulbs of the color of your choice, mounting hardware and wiring. We offer a 1 year warranty for our cheap HID kits and 2 years warranty on our Premium models!

All our products are shipped from the USA, not China! The shipping is FREE within the Continental USA.

Usually we ship withing 24 hours. If you order before noon, the package is likely to leave our warehouse the same business day.

If you don't know the bulb type you need, please use the HID Kit Selector at the top of the page. Select your car and we will show you the size of the bulbs and offer an appropriate conversion solution. do not hesitate to contact us with any question you have.

Our UK visitors are welcome to check the UK HID conversion site.

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Choosing HID Kits for Cars

Anyone looking to buy a xenon hid kit has to consider the following:

- Regular vs Slim ballast

The slim ballast is a few bucks more expensive, but usually well worth it. You will appreciate it when you come to install your kit. The amount of space you have depends on the exact model, but the less bulky solution is much easier to handle during the installation.

- 35Watt vs 55Watt HID ballast

If you choose the 55 Watt ballast you end up with the much brighter HID lights. The higher power ballast will put out about 40% more light, comparing to the lower power version. Also, keep in mind that the 55 Watt hids kits are more suitable to replace the halogen lights due to the similar power ratings. If you install the 35 Watt version, the current flowing through the lighting circuit is reduced and some car computers may be fooled into illumination malfunction indicator to the driver. In this case, you might need to buy a special error elimination device along with the kit to get rid of the erro indicator.

- Relay harness, do you need it?

If you install only one xenon hid kit (e.g for low beams only) you don't need the relay harness. But if you install several kits, for high, low or fog light, we strongly recommend to use the relay harness at least for one of the hids. The relay harness allows to connect the headlight kit directly to the battery and do not draw the current from the car wiring.

- Waterproof!

All our HID headlight Kits are 100% waterproof. Buy a cheap poor quality kit, and it may stop working on the very first rainy day. Before buying an hid conversion kit make sure it is built for bad weather and resistant to moisture.

- Quality, Quality and Quality

Ask about the failure rate of the xenon headlights you are buying and make sure they are backed by a warranty. Don't buy cheap and poorly constructed hid kits - you will regret it.

Available HID Bulbs

We have single beam, low and high bulbs for all standard sizes: H1 to H13, HB1 to HB5, 9001 to 9008, all 800 series.
As for dual bi-xenon HID bulbs, we carry 9003 to 9007, HB2, H4, H13. If you do not find a bulb size you need, please contact us - we probably have it anyway!

We carry bulbs in the wide range of HID color spectrum - from crystal white to blue and violet. We also have some special deep violet and blue color bulbs.

hid bulbs

While HID Xenon Headlights designed and installed by OEM are perfectly street-legal, the xenon conversion kits might not be legal in you country/region/state. The reason is that the headlamps that were not specifically designed for HID lights, may not cut-off the light properly and potentially cause blinding of the oncoming traffic. We sell our products for off-road and exhibition use only. Any HID Kit that does not come in a bundle with the Projector specifically designed for the proper cut-off may NOT be certified by your local authorities. It is up to you to know the legal situation in your country/region and use the kit in compliance with the local laws and regulations.

Bi-Xenon HID Conversion Kits

When converting to HID xenon headlights you have the following configuration options for dual hi/lo lights:

1. You can keep a regular halogen for the high beams and install hid lights for the low beam only

2. Or you can use bi-xenon HID headlights with one dual xenon bulb for both high and low beams

We are proud to offer the most durable bi-xenon HID headlight kits, check them out.